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Peter Heiam

Private Performace Specialist

My name is Peter Heiam and I’m interested in training because it’s something I’m passionate about. I enjoy training because it’s a way you can better yourself no matter what you do whenever. There’s always a learning experience behind working out, it’s not just about lifting weights and becoming stronger. For me, it has a meaning of knowing your limits and being able to push yourself past those each and every time you train. I also believe it’s one of the best things for you because it’s you versus you, it’s something you control and don’t have to rely on anything else to affect your outcome.


I’ve been working out for the majority of my life given that I’ve played hockey and lacrosse since I was young. I also have older brothers who were in similar sports so I'd always see them going to work out. I’m no longer an athlete but working out has given me the ability to still be competitive with myself and it also allows me to stay fit. I also love training because you get to see people push themselves to places they never thought were capable.

With my experience of training kids and teens I see and hear about how they don’t want to workout or exercise because it’s seen as a chore, but I want to communicate that training is something that should be seen as a privilege. you’re allowed to stay healthy, become stronger, faster, etc. just by putting in work over a frame of time.  This is why I love training.

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