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What It Takes To Be Fast: A Comprehensive Guide to Athletic Strength and Speed Training

In the realm of sports and athletics, speed is often the differentiating factor between success and mediocrity. Whether you're sprinting down the ice, field, or court, making quick lateral movements, or accelerating past your opponents, mastering the art of speed is essential for achieving peak performance. At FAST Athletics, we understand the importance of speed and offer comprehensive training programs designed to unlock your full athletic potential.

Start Speed and Acceleration: The Foundation of Speed

Start speed, encompassing both strength and explosive power, lays the groundwork for acceleration. In our training programs, we prioritize building strength through resistance training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and plyometrics to enhance your ability to explode off the line and quickly reach your top speed.

Acceleration, the ability to increase velocity over a short distance, is honed through drills focusing on stride length, frequency, and technique. By incorporating sprint drills, sled pulls, and resisted sprinting exercises, we optimize your acceleration mechanics to propel you ahead of the competition.

Deceleration and Lateral Movements: Building Strength and Force Absorption

Deceleration is often an overlooked aspect of speed training but is crucial for sports requiring frequent changes in direction. Our training regimen emphasizes deceleration techniques, including eccentric strength exercises and deceleration drills, to improve your ability to rapidly slow down and change directions with precision.

Lateral movements, such as shuffling, cutting, and pivoting, demand exceptional agility and strength. Through lateral speed drills, cone drills, and agility ladder exercises, we enhance your lateral quickness and agility, enabling you to outmaneuver opponents with ease.

Quickness of Feet and Top-End Speed: Maximizing Athletic Performance

Quickness of feet, characterized by rapid footwork and coordination, is essential for executing sharp turns, evading defenders, and maintaining balance. Our training protocols focus on footwork drills, ladder drills, and agility cone exercises to enhance your foot speed and agility, giving you a competitive edge on the ice, field, or court.

Top-end speed, the maximum velocity attainable by an athlete, is achieved through a combination of overspeed training, technique, and power. We integrate speed endurance drills, flying sprints, and overspeed training techniques to push your limits and elevate your top-end speed to new heights.

Reacceleration: Maintaining Momentum and Explosiveness

Reacceleration is the ability to regain speed quickly after decelerating or changing directions. Through specialized drills targeting rapid acceleration from various starting positions, we train your body to maintain momentum and explosiveness throughout the duration of your performance.

At FAST Athletics, we're dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their speed and performance goals. Our comprehensive training programs address every aspect of speed, from start speed to reacceleration, and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual athlete.

Whether you're a sprinter looking to shave seconds off your time, a hockey player aiming to outpace the competition, or a baseball player striving for lightning-fast reflexes, our expert coaches and cutting-edge training methods will help you unleash your full-speed potential.

Experience the difference with FAST Athletics and take your athleticism to the next level.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized speed training session and embark on the journey to becoming faster, stronger, and more agile than ever before.

Call or text Jayme at 612-839-8039 or email at

Servicing the Minnetonka, Hopkins, Wayzata, St Louis Park, Eden Prarie, and Orono communities.


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