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Unlocking Youth Athletic Potential: The Power of Forced Plyometrics

Updated: Mar 24


In the dynamic world of youth sports, where speed, agility, and explosiveness are prized attributes, parents and coaches alike seek effective methods to help young athletes reach their full potential. While traditional methods of strength training and speed development are essential components of any athletic program, there's a hidden gem that often goes overlooked: forced plyometrics. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of forced plyometrics for kids and why incorporating them into youth training programs can be a game-changer.

The Science Behind Forced Plyometrics:

Forced plyometrics involve landing from a higher position or at greater speed than a child could achieve through their own jump or run. This unique training method challenges the nervous system to adapt and respond rapidly, leading to improvements in speed, power, and agility. By exposing young athletes to these high-intensity stimuli, forced plyometrics effectively stimulate neuromuscular adaptations, enhancing coordination, proprioception, and overall athletic performance.

Key Benefits of Forced Plyometrics for Kids:

Speed Development: Forced plyometrics push young athletes to move at velocities beyond their comfort zone, helping to improve stride length and frequency, essential components of speed development.

Explosive Power: The rapid eccentric-concentric muscle actions involved in forced plyometrics enhance explosive strength, enabling kids to generate greater force in a shorter amount of time.

Injury Prevention: By improving landing mechanics and neuromuscular control, forced plyometrics can reduce the risk of injuries commonly seen in youth sports, such as ACL tears and ankle sprains.

Neuromuscular Adaptations: The demand placed on the nervous system during forced plyometrics leads to neural adaptations, resulting in improved coordination, reaction time, and motor control.

Versatility: Forced plyometrics can be adapted to suit various sports and training environments, whether it's jumping off platforms, bounding down hills, or utilizing specialized equipment like plyometric boxes and resistance bands.

Incorporating Forced Plyometrics into Youth Training Programs:

To integrate forced plyometrics effectively into youth training programs, coaches and parents should consider the following tips:

Progressive Overload: Start with low-intensity variations of forced plyometrics and gradually increase the height or speed of the movements as athletes demonstrate proficiency and confidence.

Proper Supervision: Ensure that young athletes receive proper instruction and supervision when performing forced plyometrics to minimize the risk of injury and maximize training benefits.

Variety and Creativity: Keep training sessions engaging and varied by incorporating a mix of plyometric drills, including jumps, bounds, hops, and agility drills.

Recovery and Rest: Allow adequate recovery time between plyometric sessions to prevent overuse injuries and optimize performance gains.

Summer Training Programs: Consider enrolling kids in specialized summer programs that focus on plyometrics, speed training, and strength development to maximize off-season gains and prepare for the upcoming sports season. Here is our summer schedule:


Forced plyometrics represent a potent yet underutilized training tool in the realm of youth athletic development. By challenging young athletes to move outside their comfort zone and pushing the boundaries of their physical capabilities, forced plyometrics foster neuromuscular adaptations that translate to enhanced speed, power, and agility on the field or court. As coaches and parents, let's embrace the power of forced plyometrics and unlock the full athletic potential of our youth.

At FAST Athletics, we're dedicated to maximizing the athletic potential of young athletes through innovative training methods, including forced plyometrics. Our summer programs for kids are carefully designed to incorporate plyometrics, speed training, and strength development drills, providing a comprehensive approach to athletic development. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child excel through the transformative power of forced plyometrics and dynamic training techniques.

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