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Discover the transformative power of our 5-Day Speed Camp and 5-Day Vertical Jump Camp. Whether you're looking to enhance your velocity, agility, or overall quickness, our Speed Camp is meticulously crafted to propel you toward groundbreaking results on any playing surface. This camp is perfect for the busy athlete who wants to see quick improvements.


Meanwhile, our Vertical Jump Camp optimizes your leap through a dynamic combination of plyometrics, strength training, and biomechanical efficiency techniques. Led by experienced coaches, both camps offer the opportunity to unlock unparalleled speed, agility, and vertical jump prowess. Join us for just five days of intensive training and experience the everlasting benefit of elevating your game.

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5-Day Speed Camp

Ready to get wings and learn how to fly? Our intensive 5-day program is your ticket to achieving speed gains and dominating the competition like never before... in any sport that benefits from speed and quickness.

Day 1 - Linear Speed From Start Position

Day 2 - Sprint Technique

Day 3 - Top End Speed

Day 4 - Lateral Speed

Day 5 - Reactive Sprinting

Join us for 5 days of intensive training and watch your speed get wings with FAST Athletics!

Middle School Athletes:

March 11 - 13, 6-7PM

High School Athletes:

March 18 - 22, 5-6PM

Price: $199

5-Day Vertical Jump Camp

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Ready to soar to new heights? Our intensive 5-day program is your ticket to achieving vertical jump gains and dominating the competition like never before... in any sport that benefits from an increase in power.

Day 1 - Double Leg Jumps & Approach Jumps

Day 2 - Single Leg Jumps

Day 3 - Lateral Jumps

Day 4 - Rebound Jumps

Day 5 - Drop Jumps & Neuroblasting


Join us for 5 days of intensive training and watch your vertical jump skyrocket with FAST Athletics!

Middle School Athletes:

March 18 - 22, 6-7PM

High School Athletes:

March 11 - 13, 5-6PM

Price: $199



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DAY 1: 

Linear Speed

From Start Position: 

Through meticulous analysis of your acceleration phase, we focus Day 1 on optimizing your drive phase mechanics, ensuring powerful and efficient force application to maximize initial velocity. Our coaches utilize techniques such as block clearance, knee drive, and proper shin angle to fine-tune your sprint mechanics, resulting in explosive starts and improved overall performance.

DAY 2:

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Sprint Technique: 

On Day Two we will delve deep into the nuances of sprint mechanics, focusing on key elements such as posture, arm drive, and foot strike to optimize efficiency and speed. Through personalized coaching and advanced biomechanical analysis, we fine-tune your sprint mechanics, ensuring each stride propels you forward with maximum power and precision.

DAY 3:

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Top End Speed: 

On Day 3 we will move our focus to the intricacies of biomechanics, focusing on refining techniques such as hip extension, arm action, and stride length to maximize velocity during the latter stages of the sprint. Through targeted drills and personalized coaching, we hone your ability to maintain top-end speed, ensuring that you achieve explosive acceleration and unmatched speed.

DAY 4:

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Lateral Speed: 

Our training on Day 4 will focus on developing agility, quickness, and change-of-direction abilities crucial for success in all multidirectional sports like hockey, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and so many others. Through a combination of cutting-edge drills, proprioceptive exercises, and biomechanical analysis, our expert coaches will help you improve lateral acceleration, deceleration, and overall agility.

DAY 5:

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Reactive Sprinting: 

The focus of Day 5 will be enhancing reactive sprinting abilities and equipping athletes with the skills needed to explosively react to unpredictable situations on the ice, field or court. Through a combination of dynamic drills, agility exercises, and reactive training protocols, our expert coaches focus on improving reaction time, decision-making speed, and overall sprinting proficiency.


DAY 1: 

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Double Leg Jumps & Approach Jumps

Day 1 will incorporate plyometric exercises, strength training, and biomechanical analysis to optimize takeoff mechanics and maximize jump height. Through targeted drills and expert coaching, athletes develop explosive power, coordination, and timing, allowing them to execute double leg jumps and approach jumps with precision and efficiency on the court or field.

DAY 2:

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Single Leg Jumps:

Day 2 is focused on perfecting single leg jumps to enhance athletic performance across various sports, including developing strength, stability, and explosiveness in each leg to maximize jump height and power. Through a combination of plyometric exercises, balance drills, and biomechanical analysis, our expert coaches tailor training regimens to improve takeoff mechanics and proprioceptive awareness. 

DAY 3:

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Lateral Jumps: 

Day 3 has a focus on developing explosive lateral power, agility, and coordination to excel in quick directional changes. Through targeted plyometric drills, lateral bounding exercises, and proprioceptive training, our expert coaches refine technique and strengthen muscles crucial for lateral movement. With our tailored approach, athletes gain the ability to execute precise lateral jumps with speed and efficiency.

DAY 4:

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Rebound Jumps:

In Day 4 our focus is on explosively elevating for rebounds, whether under the hoop or at the net. Through specialized drills focusing on timing, positioning, and vertical power, our expert coaches help athletes develop the strength and technique necessary for dominating the boards. With a combination of plyometric exercises, strength training, and biomechanical analysis, you'll gain the skill to secure rebounds with precision and efficiency

DAY 5:

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Drop Jumps & Neuroblasting: 

Day 5's focus is reactive strength and power crucial for efficient force production, with advanced plyometric protocols targeting the stretch-shortening cycle to enhance muscle activation and coordination. Through neuroblasting techniques, our expert coaches enhance motor unit recruitment and synchronization, refining athletes' ability to respond swiftly to stimuli and improving agility, explosiveness, and injury resilience.



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Our coaches are dedicated speed specialists with a proven track record of helping athletes achieve remarkable speed gains.


If you're serious about speed and want a program that cuts straight to the chase, our Speed Program is the ideal choice.


Benefit from the latest advancements in speed training, incorporating innovative techniques to push your limits and surpass your speed goals.

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