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Youth Speed Camp

Athletic Development Training to Be a Better Athlete NOW and Build Your Foundation for LATER

Become a better athlete and lay your foundation with FAST Athletics' youth athletic development program, teaching kids to move like athletes while focusing on positional strength.


Led by knowledgeable trainers, we emphasize movements on the balls of the feet, incorporating bodyweight exercises and progressing to light implements like bands, medicine balls, and kettlebells to enhance overall agility and smoothness.


By targeting foundational elements common to all sports – such as throwing, pivoting, and pursuing angles – our curriculum cultivates versatile athletes equipped for high-level performance in any sport.


With a blend of technique repetition and problem-solving techniques to engage athletes cognitively, our program not only strengthens young athletes physically but also sharpens their decision-making skills.


Join FAST Athletics and watch your athlete excel both physically and mentally, ready to conquer any sport now and in the future.



  • Learning playfully vs block drills

  • Problem-solving in sport

  • Quick thinking, response

  • Deception, speed, eyes, body

  • The spin of balls, corners, watching hands release ball, seeing spin on ground

  • Pursuit angles, ball targets, running


  • Throwing

  • Jumping

  • Changing direction

  • Sprinting

  • Falling

Building Blocks

  • Foot positioning

  • Hip/glute Firing

  • Knee positions

  • Full velocity movements, running, hands, feet

Sport Positions

  • Pivoting

  • Change of Direction

  • Deceleration

  • Acceleration

  • Falling, concussion prevention, injury, keeping contact w opponent

$125 / Month

Mondays / Wednesdays, 6-7PM

Youth Training Center


15400 Minnetonka Industrial Road Minnetonka, MN 55334

PE Class
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